Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT)

The Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) is a joint effort of the United States of America and the Netherlands to stimulate trade and bilateral business in order to support their economies. The DAFT allows American citizens work and reside in the Netherlands based on self-employment. Americans can open a business which promotes business between the USA and the Netherlands and then apply for residency in the Netherlands.

The DAFT requires that the company in question is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Trade Register) and that a minimal capital investment of 4,500 euros is injected and maintained on the company’s Dutch business bank account for the entire duration of the DAFT permit. DAFT permits are issued for a period of two years and are renewable. Partners and children are able to join the American entrepreneur who is granted residency rights under DAFT. After a an uninterrupted stay of 5 years in the Netherlands with a valid residence permit, you are eligible for permanent residency rights if you pass the (relatively easy) civic integration exam.

We have a lot of experience with assisting American citizens in acquiring a DAFT residence permit. We can guide you through the entire process – from registering your company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and opening a business bank account, to preparing and submitting your successful DAFT application to the immigration authorities.

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