Financial Services

For the modern CFO and company, the pressure to make strategic decisions is compounded by financial regulations, complex reporting and risk management. The financial services offered by Briddge can help alleviate the stress of such factors.

Financial Services

Depending on your company’s requirements, Briddge can take on a smaller role as your bookkeeper and international accountant, or a more substantial role as your Financial Controller, skillfully overseeing all processes. In either capacity your company will benefit from our proven track record, up-to-date knowledge and undivided attention to your individual needs.

We will adapt our consultation and practical services to seamlessly integrate within your business. Briddge offers an extensive range of assistance from making payments to preparing consolidated reports. Furthermore, our affiliation with a network of offices throughout Europe enables us to fill this versatile role for all your European establishments.

A short summary of the services that Briddge can offer your company:

  • Compiling monthly reports (according to Dutch or US GAAP, or other reporting requirements)
  • Preparing consolidated statements
  • Assuming the role of Financial Controller in its entirety or partially
  • Data entry and/or entry auditing
  • Making payments
  • Filing annual accounts at the Chamber of Commerce or other institutions
  • Acting as a center of operations in Amsterdam, and coordinating proceedings for all European countries on your behalf

This list is by no means exhaustive. You are able to freely define the parameters of our collaboration. The implementation is always tailored to fit your needs and will, without a doubt, leave you impressed by our professional approach and efficiency.

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