Legal Services

Having access to legal services is an important consideration for any business but especially for those who often face a number of legal hurdles during an international expansion. Briddge offers a wide range of legal services. The services are designed to guide you through legal procedures where needed and ensuring you the best advice on taking action effectively.


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Corporate services


Let your journey in Europe begin with Briddge

Setting-up and expanding into the European marketplace is an exciting endeavor. Let Briddge focus on the corporate details so you can focus on your business and its expansion into new markets. Whether it be during the set-up or expansion phase of your business, at Briddge, we will ensure that you receive the best possible corporate advice taking into account any immigration, labor, tax, accounting and payroll needs and concerns that you may have.


Once your company is up and running, we can assist you with keeping your company compliant.


Some of our all-around legal services include:

Set up & expansion solutions

  • Company formation, joint ventures & registration services;
  • Corporate (re-)structuring;
  • Term sheets & assistance during negotiations, shareholders agreements, directors regulations.

Commercial & Business solutions

  • General corporate legal advice (i.e. share issues, transfer of shares);
  • Commercial contracts (i.e. franchise and distribution agreements, purchase agreements, lease agreements) and corporate documents;
  • Compliance and governance;
  • Financing and restructuring.

Website solutions, data security solutions & privacy

  • General terms and conditions;
  • GDPR, privacy statement & general privacy advice;
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s).


This is just a snapshot of some of the corporate legal services we provide, however please feel free to contact us for any other services. We will ensure that you find the assistance you need.


Labor services


Competent and professional support always at your disposal  

Legal systems vary in every country over the world, but are nowhere as complex as in Europe and especially in the Netherlands. We will assist you with complying with local Labor laws and with avoiding legal and financial risks.      

We will assist you to meet legal requirements, and protect your rights at every stage. We retain to continuously stay up-to-date and demonstrate knowledge, which best complements your business.


We offer specialized services, which strongly focus on labor law issues such as:

  • Consulting and advice about Inter Company Transfers (“ICT”);
  • Reviewing and drafting Inter Company Transfer letters;
  • Consulting and advice about contractors;
  • Reviewing and drafting contractor agreements;
  • Consulting and advice about sales agents;
  • Reviewing and drafting sales agent agreements in cooperation with our Tax team;
  • Payrolling services.
  • Consulting and advice regarding all areas of Dutch labor law and Dutch dismissal law such as:
    • Hiring and dismissal of Managing Directors;
    • Hiring and dismissal of employees;
    • Employment conditions (remuneration, (post) contractual obligations such as non-competition);
    • Bonus and commission plans;
    • Employee handbooks;
    • Changes of employment conditions;
    • Poor performance by employees;
    • sickness and disability matters during employment; 
    • Restructuring of your business.
  • Reviewing and drafting  relevant agreements and documents related to Dutch labor law and Dutch dismissal law, such as employment agreements and termination agreements;


We at Briddge deliver tailored work on all matters that suit your needs. If you need assistance or have any questions related to our services, please contact us.


Immigration services


Practical Immigration solutions

Work and residence permits:

Applications for work and residence permits can be a daunting task. At Briddge we specialize in helping our clients bring highly skilled laborers (and their families) to the Netherlands. We do so by identifying which type of permit best suits the needs of our client and their employee, gathering the necessary documentation, and of course submitting the application to the Dutch Immigration Authorities on their behalf. We have successfully guided our clients through numerous immigration procedures.


The most common applications are those for the following permits:

  • Highly Skilled Migrant (HSM) permit;
  • Intra Corporate Transferee (ICT) permit;
  • Blue Card permit;
  • Family members HSM, ICT and Blue Card holders.


Recognized Sponsorship:

The ability to employ certain foreign employees sometimes is dependent on the whether or not an employer holds the special status of recognized sponsor. Obtaining the status of recognized sponsor means that you as an employer are able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • The Dutch Immigration Authorities process applications for permits much faster.
  • The threshold for the amount of documents required for certain applications is lower.


The status of recognized sponsor is required to employ highly skilled migrants and researchers. This obligation does not exist for hiring foreign employees who apply as a Intra Corporate Transferee or an EU Blue Card.

The application to become a recognized sponsor involved many steps. We have successfully assisted various companies with obtaining the status of recognized sponsor.


30% Ruling:

The 30% reimbursement ruling is a tax advantage for employees with a specific expertise, who are recruited from abroad to come work in the Netherlands.


If an employee meets the necessary conditions, an employer may grant the employee a tax-free allowance of up to 30% of their gross salary. This tax free allowance is meant to cover the so called extra-territorial costs, i.e. additional costs that employees face when moving to the Netherlands for their employment. The 30% ruling can be issued for a maximum duration of 5 years.


Employees already in possession of the 30% ruling statement who are transferring from one employer to another, may also further benefit from the financial advantage granted by the 30% ruling if all conditions are met. At Briddge, we can easily assist you with your transfer application as well.


Other than the HSM, ICT and EU Blue Card residence permit applications, we also are also specialized in the following procedures;

  • Residence permit based on the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT);
  • Search year permits;
  • Self-employment permits;
  • Permanent residency;
  • Naturalization;


If you wish to know more, please contact us.