16 July 2020

COVID-19 Update July

COVID-19 Update July

First of all, our thoughts are with all those whose lives or health have been directly impacted by the Corona virus outbreaks globally, and we recognize those who are valiantly working on the front lines to save lives and to combat the Corona virus. We will focus on staying positive and going on running business as usual as possible in these unprecedented times with main priority of health and safety of our employees, clients and our community. As of July 1st  The Netherlands has relaxed lot of rules regarding the containment of Covid-19. Although it’s hard to say today what the future will bring, we are slowly getting back to some form of normality after months of working from home and trying to adapt to new ways of working. 


Our approach has been, and will continue to be, putting the safety and wellbeing of our entire community first and doing our part to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. We are closely monitoring the ongoing outbreak as well as health and safety guidelines from RIVM, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands. 


To address concerns about the spread of the virus, we are taking the precautionary measures to safeguard our community while ensuring that we can effectively continue our services and keep providing further support to our clients. 


Please note face-to-face meetings will still be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Would you like to schedule a face-to-face meeting or should you require for our employees to travel, please reach out to your contact person within Briddge to discuss.


All measures are subject to and dependent on the development of the Corona virus.


If you have any further questions, concerns or anything we can do to support you during these challenging times, please let us know via your contact person at Briddge. We can also be reached at +31 (0)85 0187471 or info@briddge.com.