4 March 2021

Moving to the Netherlands after Brexit

Moving to the Netherlands after Brexit

British companies that export to continental Europe are being encouraged by business consultants to set up separate companies inside the European Union in order to avoid extra charges, extensive paperwork and taxes resulting from Brexit.


The Netherlands recognizes international trade and supports the reduction of trade barriers to expand global economic opportunity and due to strategically location the Netherlands has earned the name ‘the gateway to Europe’. By being a gateway to Europe, traders from the UK have access to their European consumers. As an international trader you have 244 million consumers at your front door which makes the Netherlands logistics wise number one in Europe.


The Netherlands ranks also at the top when it comes to transportation efficiency due to its customs processes, the quality of transport and IT infrastructure. Another benefit of why moving your European operations to the Netherlands is a wise step, it is because of the port of Rotterdam which ranks number 3 in the world and 1 in Europe as the largest port. Businesses that are in the trade industry choose to locate in-and-around the port of Rotterdam because of its geographical location in north-west Europe, the depth of its harbours, excellent port and energy facilities and its transport links to the rest of mainland Europe. Next to the port of Rotterdam is Schiphol international airport, which is Europe’s third largest airport. Schiphol is logistically ideal for traders that have high-value, low volume products. Nowhere else in Europe are such excellent and convenient combinations of sea and airport locations to be found.


By moving operations into the Netherlands, traders can not only avoid cross-border delays and costs, but can also soothe VAT problems that are currently disrupting costs and avoid higher prices for the European customer which can have a negative effects on sales.


If you have any questions regarding Brexit or if you are considering to move your operations to the Netherlands, please contact our office at +31 (0) 85 0187471 or via info@briddge.com. We are more than happy to assist.