15 September 2021

Why Life Sciences & health is flourishing in the Netherlands

Why Life Sciences & health is flourishing in the Netherlands

Companies within the life sciences & health industry are feeling very at home in the Netherlands, due its strategic location, opportunities that spur for public-private partnerships and leading educational institutions.

In the Netherlands, innovation is stimulated by incentives from the Dutch government that support companies both in biopharmaceutical and medical technology. The Netherlands is investing around 2 billion euros in the industry. The country is also known as  market leader in medical isotopes. The Netherlands is home to 3,100 R&D companies, 420 biopharmaceutical companies, 65,000 employees in pharmaceuticals and a 4.7 billion-euro med-tech market. Next to that 13 universities are engaged in constant Life Sciences research. All this immense potential is located within 2.5 hour drive range.

The drive to keep the Life Sciences & health industry to constantly grow comes from the commitment to keep promoting quality of life, healthy development and healthy behaviours across all stages worldwide. The Netherlands is known for having a stable country and economy, which ensures highly-quality innovation through numerous regulatory authorities. 

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