Accounting and Financial Advisory


"AFA have been very happy with the Incorporation and legal services received from Briddge. The team understood our needs and were knowledgeable in assisting us with the Dutch legal impacts of our various requirements. Quick response times and friendly staff fostered the growth of a good relationship with Briddge." 


Accounting and Financial Advisory (AFA) is an international accounting and finance management firm, serving both South African and European markets. At AFA, we provide forward thinking, innovative and quality financial advisory and accounting related services to support Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and C-Suite executives to navigate and conquer financial environments.

We have significant experience in producing innovative multi-disciplinary solutions to address our clients' individual needs. We believe that embedding best practice in finance allows a company to drive value for money and save costs, while empowering business with valuable insights for decision making. Using unique processes and leading technology, we streamline productivity, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs, enabling our clients to focus on their core business