Tax Services

Taxation is challenging, but it is a necessary part of doing business. The issues at hand can be sensitive and technically difficult and time consuming. It is easy to get lost in the overwhelming details of taxation in an international context. When the do’s and the don’ts differ per country, having up-to-date knowledge of local rules and regulations is a must. This allows you to save time and to focus on your business while we deal with the challenging fiscal requirements.

Tax services International tax and mobility services


Tax services


Insights and knowledge that’s required to deal with the taxation internationally

It’s all a matter of specialized fiscal knowledge – knowledge that we at Briddge will gladly put to work for you. We can, through our global recourses help you build up your business quickly and effectively. We combine country-specific knowledge with global insight on all tax-related matters.


Briddge’s affiliation with a network of local offices throughout Europe provides you with some attractive options. For example, we can offer expert advice on correct taxation structures per locale, and even execute the actual fiscal work required. We provide a comprehensive range of services which include:

  • Consultation, advice and a second opinion such as VAT (nationally and internationally);
  • Advice, filing returns and arranging remittance in the field of corporate and personal income tax, VAT and wage tax;
  • Act as your General Fiscal Representative (GFR) for VAT purposes;
  • Apply for licenses (such as Art. 23 license, enabling easy import of goods into the EU);
  • File private tax returns, such as income or capital gain tax;
  • Analysis and counsel regarding transfer pricing and negotiating advance pricing agreements with local authorities;
  • Request advance tax rulings;
  • Expert advice on cross-border transactions;
  • Arranging for refunds of foreign VAT.


Our services are not limited to the list above. At Briddge we are  very flexible in offering exactly what you need to achieve your goals. We focus on the optimization of your tax position, management of your fiscal risks and avoidance of double returns. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.


International tax and mobility services


Tax management services for global employers

Global Mobility

Deploying staff on international assignments can be very complex (managing risks arising in tax, social security, immigration, payroll and corporation tax) and time-consuming. Current knowledge of taxation rules, compensation reporting and other employment-related issues is therefore critical. At Briddge, we can help your company with the implementation and/or review of these different areas of expertise.


Permanent Establishment

The Netherlands can only tax non-resident companies for Netherlands-source of income.  Non-resident companies are, therefore, taxed on business income derived from a domestic permanent establishment (PE) or permanent representative (Agency PE). A PE is defined as a fixed place of business which serves the activity of an enterprise. A PE risk that is not correctly managed may lead to a corporate tax liability for the foreign company.

We can assist your company with managing and minimizing your PE risk. We can review the current operations and advise you on new projects in order to develop systems to manage the PE risk.


Our global mobility services include:

  • Preparing the assignees for the personal, professional and logistical consideration of relocation;
  • Employee tax compliance and consulting services (expatriate income tax returns, mandatory registrations, assessing national laws and international tax treaties, benefits and compensations);
  • International social security advisory;
  • Global mobility strategy and policy design;
  • Corresponding approval for foreign pension plans.


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.