Who we are

The letters D-D-G have a prominent position in the name of our company, Briddge. They stand for Dunnewijk and De Groot, the two entrepreneurs who joined forces on January 1, 2011 and now operate as one private limited company.

Briddge is a financial and legal provider that specializes in assisting international companies expand into Europe (and beyond). Whether you are simply considering a move to Europe or have already taken the leap, Briddge can help you in every phase of your growth. We have all the legal and financial expertise to meet your needs in the international market.

Based in the Netherlands and in the United States, Briddge is able to match the quality and professionalism of larger competitors, while still offering a personal touch, an efficient working pace, and reasonable rates.

For Indofil’s business in the Netherlands, Briddge is the one stop solution for all our needs. It ranges from financial, tax, legal to expat formalities with personal touch. Indofil considers Briddge, not as a service provider but as a part of Indofil’s business value chain.

Pankaj Patil

Director, Indofil Industries (Netherlands)

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