17 September 2021

Brexit - Withdrawal Agreement

Brexit - Withdrawal Agreement

As we are approaching October 1st very soon, we would like to remind you that the application deadline for the Withdrawal Agreement residence document is near. Thus we would like to briefly inform you about the residence permit which allows the UK nationals to legally continue their residency in the Netherlands after Brexit.

If you were already residing in the Netherlands before January 1, 2021, you are considered to fall under the Withdrawal Agreement. You are then allowed to apply for a residence permit under the Withdrawal Agreement which will give you the right to continue your residency in the Netherlands. The residence permit under the Withdrawal Agreement can be classified in two separate categories, each one depending on the number of years you have lived in the Netherlands. If you have been living in the Netherlands for less than five years then you can apply for the temporary residence permit. If you have been living continuously in the Netherlands for over five years, you can to apply for the permanent residence permit.

Do make sure to apply for the residence permit at IND before October 1, 2021.  

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